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What is Sophrology?

A complete brief therapy designed to everybody

  Sophrology is a brief therapy based on the body and mind theory.

Created by Dr Caycedo, a neuropsychatrist, it's a mix of  western therapies (Psychology, Jacobson, Hypnosis...) and eastern most effective disciplines (Mindfulness, Yoga...)

For all ages (from 7), Sophrology is one of the most efficient method to help to manage stress and emotions and get rid of anxiety

What Sophrology is used for?

For all ages and different reasons


Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Visualisation


Sophrology is an easy practice method based on breathing, relaxation and visualisation.


After defining your goal (example: I want to be less stressed at work) the therapist offers a therapeutic training  tailored to your needs by relying on your internal resources in order to gain efficiency and motivation.


The goal is to make you able to manage your difficulties by yourself 

Accessible and simple, you can practice sophrology anytime and anywhere to connect with yourself and fight against stress and its consequences.

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