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Sophro Kid/Teen

Bonne petite fille
Bonne petite fille

Sophrology can be offered to children from 7 years old for different problems: it is also a good additional practice with other types of follow up (speech therapy, psychomotricity, psychologist...)

  • Learn to relax and recover

  • Manage your fears and stress

  • Be comfortable in your body

  • Speak calmly

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Optimize skills (concentration, memory, etc.)

  • Manage frustration




Adolescence is a major transformation stage.

Teenagers change physically, mentally and emotionally and it can be a challenge to adapt to these changes quickly. 

They need support to help them develop certains abilities to be able to manage all the process.

Sophrology can help by teach them how to manage stress and emotions but not only;

  • The acquisition of autonomy

  • Mastering their mindset

  • Acceptance of physical changes

  • Preparation for exams

  • Sleep problem

  • stress management, Anxiety

  • Improved cognitive abilities (concentration, attention, etc.)

  • Self awareness

  • Self development

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