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Live a more serene pregnancy
femme enceinte dans la nature

Pregnancy solicits the woman as a whole. It generates unknown emotions, significant physical and physiological changes.

Sophrology helps women to welcome each transformations and allows them to learn technics to better accept it. 

  • Manage emotions 

  • Fatigue

  • Accept your new body

  • Manage physical symptoms (back pain, nausea)

  • Create a strong bond with baby

Preparation for birth

Preparation for birth in sophrology is uniquely tailored for every mother to be.

 It is a mental training which prepare her to get rid of her fears or apprehensions ( if necessary) and above all to be in the best conditions to live the childbirth .

  • prepare for contractions

  • be active in all the phases (dilation, expulsion...)

  • release tension with breathing tecnics

  • mastering a positive mindset 


Mère tenant bébé

Postpartum is also a period that can betryingfor the woman ; it causes mental, physical and family upheavals.

Whether or not it is a first child, the mother may find herself isolated in difficult situations caused by great fatigue associated with contradictory feelings due to the sudden drop of hormons.

Sophrology can provide tools to

  • stimulate the body and regain energy

  • provide mental support for embrace change slowly

  • promote the mother/child bond

  • find a balance between mother/wife/ active woman

  • promote breastfeeding

  • boost vitality/recovery

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